Providing structured pack walks, in-home boarding and behavioral consultations for dogs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

what is a working walk?

The Working Walk philosophy is designed around the principle that many dogs need a structured activity that is both mentally and physically engaging.

We strive to engage your dog physically - by draining enough energy to return home tired and ready to rest.  We incorporate challenging pace, hills, stairs, jumping/climbing and use a backpack when necessary.

Additionally, we challenge your dog mentally - asking him/her to focus and tune into the handler leading the pack, staying relaxed while facing everyday situations, and walking calmly on a loose leash next to other dogs. 

is the working walk right for you and your dog?

  • Is your dog young, full of energy and attitude?

  • Do you have a dog that needs regular, structured activities?

  • Do you have a demanding job that leaves little time to provide your dog with rigorous activities that incorporate a training component?

  • Is your dog easily bored and consequently gets him/herself into trouble?

  • Has your dog been rejected from daycare environments due to exuberant, fearful or grumpy behavior?

  • Is your dog reactive to everyday situations such as bicycles, skateboards, strollers/carts, critters and other dogs?

If you feel The Working Walk is right for you, please fill out the form in our contact page.